Carry-On Essentials

Face wipes are the perfect way to stay fresh, take your makeup off in one swipe with these when you are on the plane.

$17.07 Pack of 3

This soothing eye cream from Avene Paris will ensure you look cool, calm and collected once you land. It is rich in mineral water from the French alps and is key to staying hydrated.


Happy Belly Trail mix makes for a perfect healthy snack on longer flights where you’ll need something to munch on.


This Samsonite is my go to carry on bag- sturdy, secure and sleek.


Nars Radiant Creamy concealer is a must have for combatting under eye bags and blemishes. I often just bring this and leave the foundation at home on trips.


Lavanilla make the best natural deodorants. This has a delightful vanilla and lavender scent that will ensure you smell like an angel.


My fave neck pillow by Travelmate! It is super soft and supportive, plus you can remove the cover to wash it.


Hearos ear plugs to keep out the sounds of crying babies, or that loud lady behind you.


I’m not a big fan of gum but I do love me some Gin Gins! These chewy ginger candies will keep your breath fresh, plus the ginger will soothe any upset tummy you may get from all that travelling.


EO Organics hand sanitizer is the perfect healthy travel companion, planes are a great place to pick up unwanted germs so this is a must have!


Rose water is a naturally moisturizing and toning tonic for your skin. I love to spritz this on before deplaning to refresh my skin. It is also a great way to set your makeup!


As a lipbalm-a-holic this treatment by Fresh is my mainstay for preventing dry lips on long trips. It is also a great multi purpose balm. Use it on your brows to tame stray hairs!


Bose noise cancelling headphones are a good alternative to the Hearos if you want to snooze, or have a great surround sound experience for whatever movie you are watching.


The Nars Multiple in Na Pali Coast (or whatever color you like best) is a one stop shop travel product for a less is more beauty approach. Use on your lips, cheeks and eyes to create a natural look anytime.