I’m Maia, I currently live in Minneapolis where I work as a television host and fashion expert on the cable network called Evine Live. I love to tell stories and talk fashion, which is why I love working at Evine (see my reel here).

I also work as an international beauty expert and representative for Silk Oil of Morocco, a luxury hair and skin care brand from Australia. My work with Silk takes me to Russia and Germany where I do live TV makeovers and give beauty tips as well as present on QVC Germany and HSE24.

Ever since I started working as a TV host, I’ve had quite the unconventional schedule which left lots of room for traveling solo and with my fiance Jon.

Every time I had a break from work, I’d leave to go check out a new national park, go skiing or hit the waves. So I decided to start blogging about it and share my tips for travel. The name for the blog came about because I’ve always been a bit of bohemian/free spirit. Growing up in Vermont I spent most of my time outside exploring, camping, hiking and kayaking- but I also appreciate the high life, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants and the like- thus PoshBohemian.com! On this site you’ll find everything from luxury and boutique hotel reviews, hiking trip itineraries, packing lists, where to surf in Central America and more.

Reach out to me for content creation or TV/Video hosting here: Maia.Powell@gmail.com